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As China abroaders approach their fifth week in country, they prepare to embark on a week-long service project in the Xian Province where they will experience a region of China largely hidden from the Western world. In the past few weeks, these sixteen students have climbed the Great Wall, walked the grounds of the Forbidden City, sampled the exotic cuisine of local night markets, and taken respite in the serenity of ancient imperial gardens. A weekend in Shanghai left them in awe of modern China. Here they viewed the magnificent cityscape from some of the world’s highest buildings. Individual research projects have allowed the students to experience China on a more personal level. They’ve had the opportunity not only to observe local customs and life, but also to take part in the richness and complexity of Chinese culture, all while making great friends and lifelong connections. They are looking forward to their travels Westward and send their best wishes to all at home!

Photos courtesy of Jamie Eichar